TUG Counter

Built with for Playground Owners and Resellers
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Your paperless Booking Journey in under 30 seconds

Why TUG Counter?

Provides the convenience of 'Book Now', 'Booking Calendar', 'Pay Online' or 'Pay Later' to your players
Responsive Layout

No Training Needed

Your TUG Counter app can be accessed directly by the players themselves and they conveniently can book, pay and resell.

Retina Graphics

All Time Money

You get money instantly even if your players decide to avail credit from TUG by taking the 'pay later' feature, in which case TUG pays you instantly.

Powerful Performance

Access to Working Capital & Limits

Encourage players to pay at your TUG Counter to get access to Working Capital and limits by our partner Lendingkart.

Responsive Layout

Effortless Ground Inventory Management

The TUG Counter comes embedded with a Calendar Booking option that allows you to manage inventory without pen & paper.

Retina Graphics

Say Goodbye to Manual Receipting

The TUG Counter generates an instant Receipt or Invoice for both you and your players with an instant invoicing & receipting feature

Powerful Performance

Stand Out

Your Personalized TUG Counter. Give your Business a ready 'Identity' that builds Goodwill and Retention.